European Month of Brain

Prof. Jochen Prehn and fellow researchers of Centre for Systems Medicine and Centre for the Study of Neurological Disorders are participating in a Neuroscience meeting next week at RCSI.

As May is European Month of the Brain, the aim of this event is to promote neuroscience among researchers within the 3U Partnership.

The early afternoon talks will be delivered by Professors Jochen Prehn, John Waddington, David Henshall, and David Cotter of RCSI, as well as a talk by Dr Stella Vlachou of DCU. Evening talks will be given by Dr Mary Clarke and Dr Hans-Georg Koenig of RCSI and Drs Andrew Coogan and Richard Roche of NUI Maynooth.

The lectures will focus on topics including the molecular basis of neurological and psychiatric diseases, emerging drug targets, as well as basic research into brain function. The evening guest lecture will be delivered by Prof Kevin Mitchell of Trinity College Dublin at 6pm. Undergraduate students and researchers from other institutions are also welcome to attend the meeting.

Prof David Henshall, Associate Professor, Department of Physiology and Medical Physics, RCSI, and organiser of the seminar said, ‘It is increasingly important to promote synergy and exploit shared strengths in the field of neuroscience and this meeting is a great opportunity to do with our 3U partners. The range of topics in today’s meeting will be very interesting and hopefully stimulate discussion and collaboration in shared areas of study.’

Date: May 21st 2013, RCSI, Cheyne Lecture Theatre at 2pm.

updated: Impressions of the event can be seen at the website of RCSI.

Seminar: Heads up: Revising Concepts of Brain Trauma and Sport Related Head Injury

Professor Alan Faden

Director, Organized Research Centre for Shock, Trauma, and Anesthesiology Research, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore

The Centre for the Study of Neurological Disorders is pleased to announce another interesting seminar which will take place here in RCSI.  Dr. Alan Faden’s research focuses on mechanisms and modulation of cell death and neuroinflammation after experimental brain or spinal cord injury. His research is highly interdisciplinary, utilizing molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, electrophysiology, pharmacology, behaviour, magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy, and quantitative histological analysis. There are 3 major lines of investigation that he and his team are interested in:

1. examining mechanisms of cell death in CNS injury, using both in vivo and in vitro models with particular emphasis on caspase-dependent versus caspase-independent programmed cell-death;

2. Elucidating the role of metabotropic glutamate receptors (mGluR) in posttraumatic cell death and microglial modulation, and delineating the signal transduction pathways involved.

3. Investigating the role of cell cycle pathways in the pathobiology of traumatic brain and spinal cord injury

The talk will be held in the Cheyne Theatre, RCSI on Monday 20th of August at 4 pm.

You are all very welcome to attend.


Seminar: Radiotherapy, Neural Stem Cells and Cognitive Function

Professor Klas Blomgren

Perinatal Brain Research, Department of Women’s and Children’s Health,
Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Professor Klas Blomgren is a Professor of Perinatal Brain Research at the Department of Women’s and Children’s Health in the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. His research is aimed at developing protective treatments as well as strategies to promote regeneration after injury to the developing brain.  The focus if his research is primarily on two types of brain injuries, those that occur around birth and those that occur after radiation therapy (cancer treatment). Rehabilitation after brain injuries in children is an area where current research clearly shows that there is great potential for improvement.

Professor Klas Blomgren earned his MD in 1990 and his PhD in neurobiology in 1994 from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. After Postdoctoral training at the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science, Japan, he has focused on mechanisms of perinatal brain injury, radiation-induced brain injury and neurogenesis. The title of his talk is “Radiotherapy, neural stem cells and cognitive function’’.

The talk will be held in the Cheyne Theatre on Tuesday 08th of May 2012 at 2.30 pm.

You are all very welcome to attend.